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Bridging Consciousness

Connecting You to Your Inner Guidance


Hi, I'm Alex

The Certified Intuitive Life Coach behind Bridging Consciousness.

I'm here because I believe our empowerment and sovereignty lie in our ability and willingness to trust our intuition. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for that still small voice inside calling me towards more, a call I answered and continue to.

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There is so much more to life than meets the eye

If you've landed on this page: You are meant for greatness. And I know this because I know you.

Your Soul has brought you here because we have decided to cross paths and help each other in this lifetime.

You know you have the potential to be more but it hasn't fully realized itself yet.

You crave to deepen your spirituality but somehow you don't have the time or the tools for it.

You want to become a better version of yourself but aren't sure what's standing in your way.

All you need is a little nudge; a light, to show you the way back to yourself.

Let me be your Lighthouse and show you Who you truly Are. The Powerful, Beautiful, Limitless You.

My Services


Conscious Parenting Coaching

Less yelling, more connecting: Welcome to the new paradigm in parenting! Through individual coaching, I help parents reduce their anger and increase cooperation in the house. Receive the tools and support you need to stop yelling, using bribes and punishments yet still getting your child to listen to you and do the right thing.

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Intuitive Purpose Coaching

Our dreams are on the other side of our blocks. If you feel stuck in your purpose or mission in life, or if you're unsure how to move forward, intuitive coaching is perfect for you, By using my psychic abilities and traditional coaching skills, I will help you shed light on your limitations and your inner-power, to create the vision you have for yourself with ease and excitement.

Reading Glasses on Book

Courses, Ebooks and Guides

I'm always working on something new. Come back later to stay tuned to my next offering.

Before working with Alex, I felt disconnected from my spiritual bond, confused about what path to take. I had tried meditation, reiki, drumming, mantras, etc. Every tool brought me closer to the immaterial world but it didn’t last. Now, after working with Alex for 6 weeks, I have a solid connection to the immaterial that I can access with much more ease, And I do feel blessed, loved and cared for which is something that I have never felt before. It’s so healing. I’m not alone anymore and I know how to continue cultivating that relationship with my guides/spirit. I am more connected to my intuition and have an easier time trusting my guides. Alex is an exceptionally talented person that has a deep connection to the divine, someone who can help guide you in your spiritual growth and connect to the immaterial world.

Manuela, QC, Canada


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About my work

If you're a little nerdy like I am, here are the pillars of my work. Feel free to skip right ahead to my services page or contact me to get started.


Bridging the Information Gap

Combining ancient wisdom, science, channeled information, psychology and answering common questions related to spirituality.



Teaching you about practical intuition, how and why to tap into it, how to strengthen and trust it in your day to day life.

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Embodied Consciousness

Knowledge without aligned action takes you nowhere. Through psychic readings, coaching, mentorship and workshops I help you align with your desired state and embody your Highest Self.

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