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Awaken to your Soul

Welcome to my mystical space!

If you're here, you might find that one or more of these apply to you:

  • You feel stuck and you're not sure how to move forward

  • You feel like there's something missing and you're ready to find out what 

  • You've tried other healing modalities but you didn't experience long-lasting change

  • You want to uncover the root of your blocks, beliefs, and fears

  • You struggle in any area of your life and you'd like to receive spiritual guidance

Intuitive Life Coach

I'm Alex, a Certified
Intuitive Life Coach

Mother of two little ones, wife, lawyer by day and healer by night, lover of all things unseen... this is me living my purpose.

  I help others reconnect with themselves on a deep level so they can live a life that excites them, one that is filled with joy, purpose, magic, and intuition.

I offer intuitive readings and coaching, through which I help my clients identify and work on old patterns, limiting beliefs, conditioning, fears, and overall stuckness.

It is my honor and absolute pleasure to do this work.

Receiving coaching from Alex was a transformational experience. She is a special kind of healer, the kind who was able to create a safe space for me to become my own healer. I came to our session feeling very heavy in my heart, and by the end, I felt so much relief, clarity, and inner peace.  Her intuitive abilities, heart-centered guidance, and attentive nature all lent themselves to what was a powerful and transformative coaching experience. I know the realizations and moments of clarity I received in our session will continue to guide me forward into the future. I’m so grateful for Alex, and I highly recommend her to any woman who is ready to connect with their inner voice and become more of who they truly are!

- Shealyn

Before coaching with Alex, I was having a hard time allowing myself to be vulnerable and share my emotions with others. Alex helped me gain insight into what vulnerability means to me, how the fear of vulnerability is connected to my inner child, and how I as the adult version of myself can show up for my inner child with so much love. I felt so safe being held and guided by Alex that I was able to be authentic with her and even shed some tears toward the end of our session, which felt so good and allowed me to release what was no longer serving me. Alex truly listens, illuminates your strengths, and empowers you to take aligned action. She is warm, accepting, empathetic, and grounded and I would encourage anyone looking for a gifted intuitive life coach to work with her.

- Rama M.

I loved my coaching sessions with Alex! She is kind, warm, intuitive, relatable, compassionate, understanding, and non-judgemental. I'm so grateful to have met her! Before working with her, I was feeling very lost and unsure of myself. She made me feel comfortable to express anything and be myself without feeling any judgment. She held space for me to explore my feelings and discover my true self. She encouraged me to come to my own conclusions while also offering helpful insight. After just a couple of sessions, I started to understand myself better. I started to remember who I was again. I started to see that I do still have the answers within me, that I can learn to trust myself again, and that it is safe to express myself.


How it works:

During an intuitive reading, I tap into Source energy and your own energy to bring you messages for self-discovery, empowerment and clarity. I do so via my abilities such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. 

At this point, we can part ways. But what I've realized after doing many readings is that people need help to process and work through what came up during that initial hour. Whether it's our patterns, limiting beliefs, fears, relationships, the mother/father wound, living the life our parents wanted for us but is leaving us unsatisfied... in my experience, having support in working through these matters is extremely helpful and reassuring. 

This is not just guidance. Ultimately, you are the expert in your life and you have the answers within. As a coach, I am a facilitator, helping you access the wisdom you already possess and guiding you to reconnect with your self on a deep and healing level.

Click here to find out more about which packages I offer at the moment.

Conversation with Alex feels like water flowing in a river, even when the topic discussed is about where you get lost/stuck. Her compassion, flexibility, and caring curiosity leads the way, bringing fresh air to where it was heavy and burdened by worries. She's with you. She has a talent of naturally accompanying you back to your "home" (your natural state). I found my worries relieved after one session and my heart open for new inspirations and new actions. Thank you, Alex :)

- Pan

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