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Longing for real talk?

This community exists because too many (not to say all) of my clients say things like:

"I don't have anyone to talk to about Spirituality with"

"If I opened up the way I do with you, others would think I'm crazy"

"Nobody wants to have challenging conversations anymore, it's all so superficial"

If this sounds like you, too, then you're right where you belong.

Hi, I'm Alex, an Intuitive Alignment Coach, Psychic & mom of 2 who's passion is to help others find their Soul's purpose and align themselves with it by taking action.


This can be scary, messy and oh-so real...I know because I used to do a job that drove me to burnout and depression for 10 years, and it wasn't until I took action on my intuition and left that career that I felt excited about life for the first time ever. Through teaching you about intuition, I show you a less painful way to find & align yourself with your purpose and attract your desires to you (with practical ways - no bs here). 

I felt inspired by Spirit to create ConsciousChats to fill the void my clients were experiencing, but also one that I felt myself: the lack of substantial dialogue.


We all seem to be too busy/distracted to think about the meaning of life and our purpose in it. We chase happiness and dopamine hits but this obviously isn't working: the depression and anxiety rates are higher than ever. 

I hypothesize that we've lost track of meaning. We don't do the things that are challenging but purposeful anymore. We also haven't had real, deep, meaningful conversations with one another in so long.

I didn't have a sense of belonging in my spirituality for the longest time, and when I found my people my life changed. I want to create that for you too. Everyone should have a safe space to explore life's biggest questions (they did this in ancient civilizations btw, most notably in Ancient Greece).

This is my offering to you.

Joining ConsciousChats is completely free. 

It's on Zoom.

Every first Wednesday of the month.

Come and expand your consciousness - share the journey with others - find purpose & meaning again - live a better life.

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