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My Story

I believe connecting to my Soul is the most expansive and empowering thing I can do.

Before awakening to my Soul, I was going through the motions without giving them much thought. On paper, my life was great. Yet there it was; a funny feeling. Something deeper was calling me. I saw it as clear as day: I was here to hold space for others. To be a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds. A lightworker and a healer, on a mission to help others connect with their true self.

But the thought of doing something new and stepping out of the box was frightening. It took a lot of inner work, stepping out of my comfort zone and dedication to pursue this calling while being a mom of two little ones and having a full-time career. 

I sought help from mentors and coaches. I read every spiritual book I came across, listened to all the podcasts, took all the classes I felt drawn to. In 2021, I took a giant leap and signed up for an intuitive coaching program opening up the doors to growth and opportunities. For the first time ever, I invested myself in a big way, and it paid off. It was also the first time I had conversations about spiritual topics and understood my own awakening. I didn't know I craved a spiritual community until I found one.

During that time, I solidified my relationship to my Soul and my intuition and felt absolutely aligned with my purpose. 


The feeling of alignment and empowerment is one I wish everyone experiences. That is why I offer intuitive readings and coaching. If you feel like something deeper is calling you, or you want to connect to your Soul, you don't have to do this alone. I am here to support you on your awakening journey.

Other things to know about me

I like to flow during my readings and coaching. If you are looking for a highly structured program or session, I will not be able to provide that. I trust that Spirit takes us where the highest level of healing and guidance is necessary. Of course, in a coaching program, there are pillars and elements we will cover, but there will always be space for whatever needs to come up that day. See this as your first lesson in trust.

Free will and sovereignty are extremely important to me, and as a Soul having a human experience, I believe you are the expert in your own life. I am here to connect you to your inner wisdom, not tell you what to do. Therefore, my readings are about spiritual and personal growth. They are meant to empower you, and I will not take that power away by telling you what you should be doing.

Certifications and Training

-  Certified Atmana Intuitive Life Coach

- Usui Reiki Master Level 1 & 2

- Life Purpose Life Coach Certification, Transformation Academy

- NLP Beginner Practitioner, Mind Design 

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