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Mes services

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Intuitive Readings

During my intuitive readings, I connect with your energy, that of your Spirit Guides and Angels to bring you the messages you most need to hear at that time. The focus is not on the future and I will not tell you what to do. These sessions are highly empowering and sacred. If you're fully engaged in the process, they will leave you with a feeling of inner peace and a deeper awareness around the challenges you may be facing, how to release them, and clarity on your next steps.

To prepare for your session, you will want to come with questions or situations in your life that you are wanting more information about.

Intuitive Readings may include:

Connection to the love, healing and guidance of your Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones in spirit

- Channeled messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels

- Healing from your spirit team

Sessions are done online via video call (Zoom). Option to have it recorded.

Investment: 80$ for 60min, 45$ for 30min.

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Conscious & Aligned
Coaching Program

This one-on-one program includes:

  • Powerful one-hour sessions every other week for 3 months (that's approx. 6 sessions)

  • A program personalized to you and your goals

  • Initial assessment to discover your current state and your desired outcomes

  • Growth assignments, exercises and an action plan to move you forward

  • Appropriate handouts, guides and workbooks

  • Support via email and WhatsApp between sessions for the duration of the coaching engagement

This program can help you with

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

    • Remove or overcome the beliefs and patterns that have held you back for years!

  • Learn to navigate negative emotions

    • I help you manage and reduce your stress and anxiety, and overcome anger and resentment

  • Getting your power back

    • ​Reduce negative influences from other people and dependence upon them and tap into your inner-power and assertiveness 

  • Gain deep clarity on your life's purpose and your career

    • You know something’s off but don’t know how to move forward? Not anymore!

  • Deeply understand yourself

    • Discover what is really driving your behavior by uncovering unconscious beliefs and conditioning.

  • Connect to your Higher-Self

    • Exploring your values, and connecting to your inner guidance system

  • Achieve your dreams

    • I help you get organized in your personal and professional life and offer practical strategies and accountability checks.

My coaching style

I’m a multidimensional person, and so are you! Using my intuition, I make use of different tools, techniques and theories through our time together. My style blends Existential Coaching, Guided Imagery & Visualizations, Positive Psychology, Spiritual Coaching, Logotherapy and more. Ultimately, I am here to guide you to connect to a deeper part of you and take aligned action from there.

Sessions are done via video call (Zoom).




999$ for a 3-month program (6 1-hour sessions) 

499$ for 1-month intensive (4 1-hour sessions)


Payment plan available

10% off if paid in full

Book your free discovery call now and join my growing list of successful clients who are finding more fulfillment, connection, joy and success in their lives.

Qu'est-ce que le coaching ?

En termes simples, le coaching est un engagement à court terme dans lequel le coach aide son client à atteindre ses objectifs dans différents domaines de la vie. Axé sur l'avenir, il s'agit de combler le fossé entre où vous êtes maintenant et où vous voulez être. Mon style de coaching est intuitif, compatissant et responsabilisant.

Les principaux résultats décrits ci-dessus ne sont pas garantis. Ceci n'est pas un programme d'enseignement à l'emporte-pièce ou un livre. Vous, le client, êtes le maître de l'engagement de coaching. Vous fixez vos objectifs et mettez en avant les problèmes que vous souhaitez résoudre. Nous travaillons ensemble pour vous aider à mieux comprendre et à faire émerger les réponses qui s'y trouvent.

Qu'est-ce qui n'est PAS du coaching ?

Le coaching n'implique pas le diagnostic ou le traitement des troubles mentaux tels que définis par le American Psychiatric Association. Il ne doit pas être utilisé comme substitut de conseil, de psychothérapie, de psychanalyse, de soins de santé mentale, de traitement de la toxicomanie ou d'autres conseils professionnels par des professionnels juridiques, médicaux ou autres professionnels qualifiés. Ce n'est pas un mentorat où j'utilise mes propres expériences et vous donne des conseils à suivre.

Les séances sont-elles confidentielles ?

Oui. J'apprécie votre confiance. Toutes nos séances sont strictement confidentielles.

Il y a tellement de coachs, pourquoi travailler avec vous ?

Choisir le bon coach de vie se résume vraiment à la connexion entre vous et votre coach, et au style de coaching qui correspond le mieux à qui vous êtes en tant que personne. 

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