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The Candle Snuffer and the Flame

About a week ago, I had this vision of a candle snuffer that covers the flame but doesn't put it out. I saw how our soul is the flame and our ego the iron bell. It's been on my mind ever since and I feel it's an important message that must be shared. There is so much valuable information that came with this image and I will try to keep it as simple yet as complete as possible.

The Purpose of the snuffer

If you are not familiar with a snuffer, it looks like this:

candle snuffer candle extinguisher
Photo: Via Wikipedia. Andreas Praefcke - own photograph of self-owned object

Its purpose (in real life) is simply to extinguish the flame (in a rather fancy way if you ask me).

In a metaphorical way and the way I was presented with it is that the ego is a shield that hides the soul. It effectively keeps it from shining its light. And so we go about our lives in the world interacting, ego to ego, without seeing that the real beauty and the truth is actually the flame hidden behind our iron facade. From this place, we believe we are better than, stronger than, in competition with and separate from each other. We go to war with each other, we believe we have to constantly prove ourselves, we judge, and we criticize. This is a place of fear, survival, and preservation.

But this is not the place of Life.

While we completely identify with our ego, and because we are exerting so much energy into preservation, we remain completely unaware that we are it, we are not the snuffer. Because the ego was created long after the flame it has been attributed to, and because it's seen other snuffers dying, it knows it is not eternal. And nothing scares the ego more than its own demise. Nothing.

If (or when) we stop having such a narrow conception of life, we begin to see the truth of our being. Our truth is the one lying behind that facade we put up for ourselves for protection and survival. That truth is that in fact, we are the flame.

We are all flames.

Candle snuffers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. Like egos, they are all unique and they see themselves as separate from the other egos (because that's what the physical eye sees and interprets to be the whole truth). The flames, on the other side, are all flames. They all look the same, their structures are the same. In fact, these flames all stem from one original fire. They have, however, been separated into different candles, as to serve their purpose of light in different parts of the world.

If we lift our differentiated egos, we can begin to recognize each other. We can begin to see how we are all in fact, the same.

We've all had moments in our lives where we met someone for the first time and it instantly clicked. We feel a deep connection to them or we might even feel like we recognize ourselves in the other ("OMG it's like we're the same person! 🤩 "). What I see is that in that exact moment, we have recognized each other on a soul level. Our energies have comingled in a way that pierced through the ego's facade and the truth of our beings has been brought forward. In that moment, love has united us.

Imagine if we all went through life recognizing each other in that same way. Imagine if we didn't see each other as egos but rather, as flames. Imagine having those moments of instant connection with everyone. How could anything else than love survive in such a world? We would come together, as one, knowing that our light will shine bigger and brighter when we are together. Lifting our snuffers we would be one big fire. There would be no division, no hatred, no need for control.

I am aware that this is a rather idyllic way of seeing things, but that is what I was shown. What I find so interesting is that we are not asked to get rid of the ego (the snuffer). We are asked to lift it. This means that we are being asked to make space for the soul the shine through; we are being asked to recognize the soul in the other and to know that our essence is the same.


I hope I was able to translate the vision into something digestible for you, the reader. I often struggle to put these into words as they come through my intuition using clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

Let me know down below 👇 if you resonate with this message and if you found it useful or inspiring. I know I did.

Since seeing that I often think about where my actions and words stem from. Am I speaking from my soul, which is pure, full of light and love, or I am speaking from my ego which wants to protect me from a perceived danger to its survival? It has been quite an interesting adventure. Building self-awareness is of course key, as is perspective. My wish for you is that you start looking at your thoughts, your decision-making process and stay curious as to their origins.

You always have a choice.

Until next time, stay well my friends,

With love,


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