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Become the Oracle

A Masterclass in Trusting your Intuition

Register for the Masterclass here:

In this Masterclass we will cover

🧬 the science behind intuition and energetic communication. Learning how it works so you don't have to rely on vague concepts and wonder "is this for real?".

🚫 the different blocks to hearing or trusting your intuition: getting real and honest about blocks makes it easier to move past them. Name it to tame it as they say!

🔑 Keys to intuition: What are the things that you can do to aid in (1) hearing and (2) trusting your intuition. These are the keys/secrets to intuitive development and I want to share them with you all!

💚 a guided meditation to introduce you to your Oracle self within. This is about empowering you to fully trust yourself - you don't need anyone or the exterior world to tell you what is true. Meet the part of you that is connected to Oneness and that guides you for your highest good and move forward with Its presence and guidance.


🥳 I will open enrollment to my new Intuitive Development Program "Into-it"; an 8-week transformational program aimed at helping you hone in on your intuitive state, embody your Soul's truth, and experience more self-trust. Say goodbye to crushing self-doubt, analysis-paralysis, soul-disconnect, and the fan-favorite "I knew I should've/shouldn't have done that".

Anyone attending LIVE will have a chance to win a free 60-min intuitive reading with me.

Event Details

This is a Live Masterclass which will take place on:

Thursday 28th September 2023
4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Zoom Webinar

Event Length will be around 1 hour

If you cannot join live, you will receive the replay after the event is complete!

However, if you join live, you will automatically have the chance to win a 60-min intuitive reading with me (value of 80$) Yay! Winner will be announced at the end of the live event.


Join me for this Masterclass!

Hi! I'm Alex, an Intuitive Life Coach, Mentor & Psychic, and creator of Bridging Consciousness.

I’m here to support you to embody your Soul's true voice (your intuition) and manifest your desired life into this world.

As someone who knows the real price of not following her intuition and giving her power away, I'm here to support you so that you can break through the fears, blocks and limitations that are holding you back from truly trusting your inner Oracle.

Register for the Masterclass here:

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