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I love free stuff. And I love valuable content that doesn't sell me unrealistic BS. These tools accomplish just that.

Real content created by a real, busy mama, just like yourself. 

I hope these serve you and your family well in creating the very best version of you. 

Get Weekly Animal Wisdom Affirmation Cards

A FREE, fun and empowering tool for your little ones straight in your inbox

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We are all interconnected. 

Each week, receive in your inbox a printable .pdf with 7 cards for the upcoming week (I send them on Thursdays to give you enough time to print and cut). 

Every week will feature a different animal, sharing it's wisdom to help your little ones embody the animal's essence. Share one each morning, send them as a lunch-note, or pick a card to finish the day on a positive note.

These cards will:

⭐️ help your child build confidence and self-esteem

⭐️ teach them we are all interconnected and have much to learn from all living things

⭐️ encourage your child to listen to their body and trust their intuition 

⭐️ spark a discussion with your child on the different qualities and animals

⭐️teach them new vocabulary words

⭐️ and so much more...

These cards are intended for kids but by all means, you can keep them for yourself!  

50 Self-Care Tips for Busy Mamas

A guide to self-care of all 4 levels of being


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